Our architecture department develops its own projects and those of other developers and self-developers.
We develop projects through Alicante region, Spain contributing our experience to the construction sector in this specific area. Always with an objective that is clear and simple – the complete satisfaction of our clients.

About our projects in Spain

The first step is always to choose a unique location, hence it is never about projects with hundreds of homes on a plot of land. We construct selected projects, making sure that our clients obtain a home of unique and unbeatable quality, according to superior quality standards.
The second step is making the maximum use of the plot and creating houses that are spacious, full of light, efficient and functional. We do not design houses just to be “beautiful”, the goal is that our work results in a house with spacious and optimized spaces, comfortable, visually attractive, with minimal maintenance, respectful with the environment and that meets all the characteristics of a demanding client.
Finally, during the construction process, our management ensures that every detail is important, that quality is always ahead of any other aspect. The materials used of the highest quality make the homes comfortable and that living in them is a real pleasure.

For other developers

During the first meeting we listen to what your ideas and design concept for the house of your dreams are.
Afterwards, we advise, based on our experience, to make the home as functional and efficient as possible.
We implement these initial ideas of the client, transforming them into plans, sketches and 3D infographics, where each detail of their new home is shaped and decided.

Finally, the Execution Project is edited and the pocedures with Administrations and Supply Companies begin.
Our infrastructure allows us to encompass the entire process, from project development to construction and obtaining all administrative licenses and energy and water supplies, in a concept of a “key in hand”, which means that the client does not have to worry about bureaucracies or endless effort.
We design and build each home with our own staff, professionals with broad experience and perfect education and training.
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